About us


Tigrounette Tigrounette


Co-CEO & Chief Technical Officer


Ketchup noodles, AS3, making scary jokes (i.e : “I broke everything”)

Tigrounette (or Tig for short) was born on February the 22nd of 1984, and is the guru of all Transformice’s code. He can debug the map system while coding new features for an event, and making troll jokes in the same time. He likes good cuisine, though often too lazy to cook himself.
During his free time, he codes small games for fun, and has more than 40 unfinished games into his hard drive.
He plays tons of videogames, to the dismay of his Steam account and wallet. His favorite games are, in no particular order : Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Portal, Left 4 Dead.

His sister Ley was an admin during the early days of Transformice’s life, helping with hirings the first moderators. She since left, in order to take care of her newborn.


Melibellule Melibellule


Co-CEO and Artistic Director


Repairing herself her 22 years old car, Flash CS5, not throwing away old junk (drives Tig crazy at the office)

Melibellule (or Meli for short) was born on July the 24th of 1986, and is the designer of almost everything that isn’t text. She learns fast, and has a particular interest into debug, optimization and coding, which made her work a lot with Tig and become the favorite graphic designer among the developpers at her previous work.
She loves to read a lot, play videogames, and take hot baths. Her favorite authors are Anne Mc Caffrey, Robin Hobb, Orson Scott Card, Dan Simmons, George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss. Her favorite videogames are Portal, Left 4 Dead, Pokémon, Super Smash Bros Melee, Animal Crossing, Sonic Generations, Anno 2070, Dungeon Defenders, Guild Wars 2, Lethis Path of Progress.


Azrou Azrou


Lead Server Programmer


Throwing plushies back, being quiet, making nice figures with his metallic bucky balls

Azrou was born on June the 24th of 1984, and is responsible of a lot of the code located on our servers. He makes the whispers and connexions possible! He also is a Linux and Ghibli fanboy, and always wears sandals, even in winter.


Galaktine Galaktine


Brazilian & Spanish Community Manager


Being always super happy

Galaktine was born on August the 29th of 1980, and takes care of the huge Brazilian Community. Like her fellow Community Managers, she has to manage moderators, answer emails, and keep an eye on the forums to bring us the problems the brazilian players might encounter. She’s overall a very joyful person, and interacts a lot with her community.


Narayan Narayan


Tools Developer


Being handsome

Narayan was born on June the 5th of 1984, and is an awesome multi-tasking dev. His skills range goes from developing useful tools for us to use locally, to coding a whole forums solution from scratch. He also has the hidden ability to look quite handsome on every single picture taken of him.
He also likes turtles.


Larirette Larirette


Chief Financial Officer


Swimming in numbers

Larirette was born on January the 3rd of 1967, making her the caring mother of everyone at Atelier 801. She seems to master black magic when handling very intricate numbers on financial reports, but also takes care of every little task that us geeks tend to forget about (like, insurances, or… taxes)
Nonetheless, she’s a real geek at heart herself, and enjoys a lot being around silly nerds like us.


Graphist Mysterious graphist


2D & Concept Artist



Not much is known about this mysterious graphic designer. The most shy of us all, he’s in charge of many designs of Fortoresse and Dead Maze.


Pikashu Pikashu


AS3 developer


Decryption of Tig’s code

Pikashu was born on January the 12th of 1990, and he is dedicated to Transformice! He was a mod for most of Transformice’s life, and recently was hired among us to fix all the bugs and code the new features \o/
He’s shy but fearless in front of Tig’s code, making him a real development ninja!


Zou Zou


International Community Manager


Being crazy

Zou (from her second name Arzu) was born on April the 12th of 1989, and replaced Sydoline for the community management of international communities. She speaks three languages fluently (French, English and Turkish), is a vegetarian, and often changes her hair color, based on her mood. She’s very joyful and daring, but somehow manages to focus all her energy into knitting when she wants to.


Former Admins


Sydoline Sydoline


English & French Community Manager


Staying zen in all circumstances, being shy, cookies

Sydoline (or Sydo for short) was born on June the 29th of 1990, and took care of everything community-related. From organizing events to managing the moderation team, she worked a lot to make Transformice a better and safer place to be at.
Among weird things, she doesn’t like chocolate, but likes to bake cookies. She’s an overall adorable, very shy person, and soothes anyone working around her with her omnious zenitude. We are very grateful for all she did at Atelier 801.


Loukno Loukno


Marketing Manager


Phoning master, understanding law talking, soup-like mashed potatoes

Loukno (no short name this time) was born on August the 6th of 1989, and took care of everything marketing-related, like ads sales, IRL events, or answering the phone. She was contaminated by Sydoline’s tendency for sweets, and they used to steal regularly from each other’s desks for sugar treats.


Mickaelsan Mickaelsan


System and Network Administrator


Mac lover

Mickaelsan was born on December the 10th of 1981, and was taking care of everything concerning our servers. Updating them, cleaning them, monitoring them, plugging some cables in their… hum.
He’s also an Apple evangelist and it leaded to many heated debates in the office.


Maharadjah Maharadjah


2D Artist


Dinosaurs lover

Maharadjah was born on May the 21th of 1991, and was in charge of many graphic assets in all the games. She draws a lot of dragons and dinosaurs, making Tig nag her everytime she didn’t.


Kura Kura


Spanish Community Manager


Forgetting everything, eating weird stuff, slowpoke

Kura was born on March the 29th of 1983, and took care of the spanish-speaking Community. He was in charge of hiring new moderators, talking with players, and is a pretty good artist, among being an gigantic troll sometimes. Having Tig and Kura trolling each other in the office could be very dangerous.


Vanlu Vanlu


Turkish Community Manager


Being shy, not eating much

Vanlu was born on October the 10th of 1983, and took care of the Turkish Community. He had to manage the forums, hire new mods, answer emails, and overall was a real help for us to understand our Turkish community.


About Atelier 801


Atelier 801 is a company founded in October 2011 by Tigrounette (Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand) and Melibellule (Mélanie Christin).

Its purpose is to rally players from all over the world around cute and fun free online games.

Its first game ever created was Transformice, where mice ally to gather as much cheese as possible.

In the near future, Atelier 801 will develop more multiplayer games.

More info : http://societe.atelier801.com