Transformice art #4


Hey ! ^^

For this weekly post I thought it would be preferable to explain how to share your arts.

  • Create your own gallery on the official forum. Many talented artists chose this solution and have their own galleries with their followers. For users, it’s also the best choice to keep tracks of changes and new submissions from an artist they like.
  • If you don’t want to handle your own thread or if you have only one fanart to share, you can also post it here.
  • For deviantart users, you can also share your fanarts via this TFM group : http://transformice.deviantart.com/!

Enough talk! Here comes the fanarts!

Ameliya :

Aqualion :

Catfang :

Filister :

Fillred :

Pompomball :

Roxnin :

Shadowdragon :

Spinnando :

XxdarkchuxX :