Atelier 801 SARL

Rules of Conduct

March 2022


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In a perfect mouse world, all players would be well-behaved and respectful of others, but who are we kidding — this is the internet! Transformice moderators have been assigned to ensure that players have the best gaming experience possible. We do, however, rely on your help to catch rule-breakers.

If you see a player breaking the rules, you can report them by writing /report Name#tag. Alternatively, you can click on the player's name and Report. A small window with report options will pop up - choose an option and then Validate. If you select Other, please provide details.

Please read the rules carefully. Not respecting them will result in sanctions applied by the moderation team. The more you break the rules, the longer and harsher the sanctions will be and you can end up losing your account.

All reports are recorded and moderators check them and apply sanctions accordingly. If a player that you reported is sanctioned, you may receive karma points. Karma points show us whose reports are accurate, so the more you have, the better it is!

Please also be mindful of the fact that moderators are human beings who are not online 24/7. They are volunteers who dedicate some of their time to moderation, so they may not catch all rule-breakers. This does not mean that they are favouring some players, but that they simply didn't catch them.


This document lists a number of things that are against the rules and will be sanctioned, as well as explanations as to why, but keep in mind that moderators may take actions as they see fit in situations that may not be covered here.

Chat & Cafe

Spam, flood, caps lock abuse, and symbols that tend to glitch in the chat and can be used to crash and / or break the game client generally are disruptive and unpleasant. When you send the exact same message, the chat restriction system will activate and ask you to be quiet: Quiet, thank you. It is not allowed to use extra characters (like dots or exclamation marks) to send the same message over and over again.

Speaking another language than the language of the community is not allowed. There are many communities and each one has its own language. You should not speak any language other than the language of the community you are in (for example, only speak German in the German community). Whilst the base language for international rooms (rooms that have a * at the beginning of their name) remains English, this will not be strictly enforced and other languages are allowed to be spoken. Moderators may warn or mute players that aren't speaking English, but only if they are severely disrupting the chat and they have a community they can return to. For the players that do not have a home community and you feel disrupted by, we ask that you ignore them by using the /ignore Name#tag command.

Important! Please be aware that on the EN community the language is English. The international community will display this flag:

Advertising of any kind, especially advertising pirated servers, is not permitted. Pirated servers are usually very similar to the original game. This game is the property of Atelier 801, any advertising done through the game must be approved by the administrators or moderators. For your own safety, we recommend that you do not post links to your personal Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages.

Sharing dangerous links, such as links to viruses, .exe files, links that contain IP grabbers etc is not allowed. Only trust websites that start with the following links:

Spreading false information regarding any action that can be realised in-game (such as buying fraises, the identity of staff members, passwords etc.) is also sanctionable.

Sharing other people's personal information without their permission, be they players or staff members, is a very serious offence and will result in an appropriate sanction.

Discussions and links that are not within PG-13, including inappropriate links that are not destined for minors, asking or sharing pornographic content, discussions with sexual themes etc. This includes both written and graphical materials and will result in a sanction.

Insults, bad language, and vulgarity unfortunately represent the main reason we apply sanctions. If you see someone using bad language, please do not adopt the same behaviour, but report them and, if they persist, use the /ignore Name#tag command.

Harassment, threats, encouraging self-harm or suicide are serious offences and, regardless if they are online or in real life, they have serious consequences (it is not appropriate to tell someone "kys", not even as a joke!). For this reason, we treat them with extreme care and seriousness and the sanctions will reflect that. Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Promotion of illegal acts like drug consumption or committing criminal acts are not welcome anywhere, especially not in a PG-13 online game. Act responsibly and keep people around you safe!

Racism; homophobia; xenophobia; sexism; insults or denigration of a religion, ethnicity, or minority are not acceptable, as we want all players to feel welcome and safe. Atelier 801 promotes a healthy and tolerant game atmosphere and supports basic human rights:

Provoking players to break the rules is sanctionable as it results in more sanctions across the board. We want to keep a good relationship between staff and players, so help us help you!


Glitch abuse is exploiting a glitch or bug that you found (accidentally or intentionally) for an unfair advantage in the game. Depending on the glitch you could be warned or banned by a moderator or vote banned by the players. Exploiting certain glitches can result in your removal from modules. If you found a glitch or a bug, please report it to a staff member so they can notify the administrators and get it fixed.

Using any external program to gain advantages is considered cheating. This includes hacks, macros, filter keys etc., so better think twice before flying around like Supermouse.

Important! We have often seen players claiming that their keyboards are set up for macros / filter keys - this is not a default setting, but it requires a person to set it up, therefore sanctionable as an external program.

VPN farming is also considered cheating. A person using multiple accounts with different IPs in order to gather cheese of stats fraudulently will be sanctioned as cheating.

Asking for or sharing cheat programs, APK or pirated servers is also prohibited. If you are caught doing this, you will be sanctioned accordingly.

Encouraging cheating is also sanctionable, so be mindful of what you tell other players to do.


Phishing or account theft are very serious and will result in a permanent ban. Make sure you have a strong password and a valid email associate to your account, that only you can access. Do not give your password to anyone else. Do not share your account with anyone else. You are directly responsible for the safety of your account and, most of the time, we cannot help you recover it.

Pretending to be a staff member can result in a mute, and you may be banned if you do not heed our warnings in the future. Please do not create accounts that are meant to impersonate staff or other players. By doing so, you risk losing the account. It is also considered staff impersonation if you claim that you can sanction players or make any other affirmations that would make players believe you have any kind of additional powers or abilities. Do not pretend that you are a staff member if it's not the case. You can recognise a staff member by looking at their name colour and tag: Administrator#0001, Moderator#0010, Sentinel#0015 (only coloured on the forum) and MapCrew#0020. FunCorp members also have coloured names, but they are NOT staff members, so please do not report rulebreakers to them.

Inappropriate names

Buying or selling accounts, selling fraises or Japan Expo codes is strictly prohibited. It is also against the rules to access a stolen or compromised account, for which the password has been made public. Please report these accounts to a moderator so they can secure them in case the owners will send a contact form to recover them. Fraises can only be bought through official channels, like the game, forum or Steam - anyone claiming to be selling fraises or giving them away for free is trying to scam you. Japan Expo codes are only available at conventions where Atelier 801 participates, and they are very rare. If you see someone selling such codes, do not fall for the scam - the codes are fake or not working.

Abusing the exchange or gifting systems for external trades is also sanctionable. The gifting system is, as the name implies, used to gift shop items to other users. It should not be used to trade shop items for other items such as consumables or sell them for fraises. Cross-site trading is also not permitted. Encouraging this type of trading will result in a mute or a ban. Players are free to trade inventory items through the trading system. However, this is done with your consent and any losses through unfair trading cannot be recovered.

Important! Some players like to organise contests or competitions. They are not allowed to charge players any "participation fees" (such as cheese coins, fraises, consumables etc.). If you decide to pay any such fee, you are doing that at your own risk and staff members will not be able to help you recover them.

Public (compromised) accounts will be permanently banned until they get recovered via the contact form. An account is considered compromised when its password has been exposed to the public. While sharing an account with a friend is not against the rules, we strongly recommend that you keep your account for yourself. Sharing accounts results in a high risk of losing them and, most of the time, we cannot help in any other way than applying a permanent ban so you can recover it by sending a contact form. A situation we also encounter very often with shared accounts is when one of the players using it breaks the rules and the other one appeals the sanction. In these situations, the sanction will always remain.

How to protect your account?

  1. Your password must...

... be unique. Your password must be used for Transformice only! Don't use the same password for your emails / Facebook or any other websites.

... be complicated. Use a password that contains numbers, lowercase and uppercase! Don't use simple words that can be easily found in a dictionary.

... not be easily guessable. Don't use your nickname / name / city or anything too easy to guess as your password.

... not be a date. Do not use dates for your password (i.e., birthdates).

A lot of players are sharing the same password without even knowing it! These players are using some really common passwords (i.e., password / 12345678 / football / qwertyuiop). A huge list with the most common passwords used has been made by Matt Burnett, check it out here. We highly recommend you check if your password is one of them and to change it accordingly.

  1. Keep your password safe:

  1. Email

You can link an e-mail address to your account. To link an email address to your account, choose Change my password in the game menu. By linking an e-mail address to your account you'll be able to change your password by yourself! You'll also get 40 free cheese and a special item as a reward for doing it.

Follow these steps if you don't know how to link an e-mail address to your account:

Step 1: Choose Change my password in the game menu.

Step 2: Fill the fields with your own e-mail.

Step 3: Check your mail box. You've received an email from with a unique code! If you didn't receive it, we ask you to NOT close the window asking for this code and to check your spam folder and/or to wait for few minutes.

Step 4: Copy and paste the code you've received into the field to validate your e-mail.


Maps made to intentionally cause game or gameplay issues will be removed from the game. You are not allowed to create these maps for tribehouse purposes either. Most crash maps are considered accidental and are simply removed from the rotation; however, if it appears that you’ve created the map intentionally (for example a lava box with 20 anvils) it will be deleted and you may be sanctioned.

Inappropriate or offensive maps are not permitted either. Those maps will be deleted and you may receive a mute or ban.

Copies of other player's maps are simply removed from the rotation, but if it’s been discovered that you are stealing XMLs or trying to pass off the work of others as your own you risk having all of your maps deleted and being put on the Map Crew’s "blacklist", meaning all of your maps will be deleted and your future maps will not be considered for perm status even if they are original.


Inappropriate avatars will result in sanctions both in game and on the forum. We consider inappropriate the following avatars:

Important! These are examples of the most often encountered avatars that are against the rules, but the list is not limited to these. Other avatars can also be moderated if, following a discussion, moderators and/or sentinels conclude that they are inappropriate

Inappropriate tribe names are treated in the same manner as inappropriate account names (see "Accounts" section).

Inappropriate room names will result in a sanction for the creator of the room. The sanction depends on the name of the room, but in general, it follows the same rules as the chat (see "Chat" section for more information).

Totems that are not permitted: offensive totems (such as swastika), totems that causes technical or connectivity issues, or anvil god totems.

Drawing consumables used inappropriately are also sanctionable. They are not meant to use for indecent drawings or writing insults / slurs etc.

Roomkick abuse is not permitted! The /ban command allows you to remove players from the room for one hour. It can be used to ban players that disrupt the room (i.e., trolling, favouritism). It should not be used to punish mice who "stole" your first or a new shaman trying to learn, so please use it responsibly. Gathering a tribe or a group of friends for the purpose of kicking innocent players out of a room is considered abuse and can result in a ban.

Using bots that are not approved by staff. If you want to use any kind of bot in-game, please make sure you double-check with a staff member before, so you don't risk getting sanctioned.

Leaking or sharing private information relevant to the game. Staff members know a few more things than the average player and you are likely to hear some of this information one day. Leaking or sharing this kind of information is forbidden.

Other Information

Trolling and favouritism are part of the game and, as a general rule, they will not be sanctioned. If, however, these are used abusively and become disruptive, moderators can intervene and apply sanctions as appropriate.

Whispers are not generally moderated, as they are considered private space. If you want to stop receiving whispers from a certain player, you can use the /ignore Name#tag command and that will block all whispers from that player, adding them to your blacklist. You can also mute whispers from players who are not in your friend list by using /silence or mute all whispers by using /silence*.

Important! In severe cases, such as heavy insults or harassment, moderators can intervene and sanction for whispers that have been reported.

Private rooms are considered any rooms that have a password or start with @ symbol. The chat of a private room will only be moderated in severe cases or if a player is reported. Please note that all other rules are still applicable and you will be sanctioned for breaking them.

Evading your sanction, be it mute or ban, will result in more severe sanctions. The role of a sanction is to limit your ability to use the chat (mute) or the game (ban) as a result of breaking one or more rules. The purpose is to make you reflect on what you did and refresh your memory by reading the rules so that you don't break them again. When you have an active sanction on one of your accounts, you are not allowed to "evade" it by playing on a different account - if you do this, it falls under sanction evasion and will result in all accounts being banned for a longer time.

I was banned / muted, but I didn’t break any rules! What do I do?

By playing any of Atelier 801's games, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and to abide by the Game Rules. You should re-read these and make sure that you have not broken any of the conditions or rules laid out in the documents. If you're still certain that you've been unfairly sanctioned, proceed to check the following;

If you've checked all the questions listed above and you still remain banned, you will have to contact a moderator about your ban. All communities handle ban appeals differently, so it is ideal that you contact a moderator from your own community.